8 places to Meet Transgender People in San Francisco : Trendy places, bars and clubs

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    Meet someone in San Francisco in best place

    Transgenders and transsexuals deserve to love and be loved in return. This is the reason why they constantly search for connections that will bring meaning into their lives. These affiliations can be romantic, sexual, or a mixture of both. Transsexuals, however faced some obstacles getting a reliable avenue to meet people of their choice. Luckily there is a plethora of trendy bars, clubs, and restaurants in San Francisco where they can meet people of their sexual orientation. Today, we will describe best placess in where to meet transsexuals in San Francisco.

    Where to meet a transsexual woman in San Francisco ?

    San Francisco residents seeking love and affection usually run into problems getting a genuine partner. This is particularly true for new and shy residents of the city, who don’t want to be scammed. There are many trendy and fun-filled places like bars, clubs where that special person can be seen.

    These entertainment areas provide good services all day long with customers going in and out. Hookups are also easier, as people at these joints know what they want and desire. Locating these avenues in San Francisco is easy as they are situated in a good location.

    Going out is a way to meet people but not always easy for shy people

    Shy and melancholy personalities can show love, however, their temperaments limit their ability to express themselves publicly. Another obstacle these people face is that moving into a new city with no friends or trusted neighbors can be a problem. But there is a way out for the shy transsexual to look for one-night stands and a love adventure.

    There are numerous places like classified ads, dating sites and ads, chat sites, and gay and lesbian clubs. However, out of these options, dating sites remain the sure bet for good reasons.

    Tsdates Logo


    TsDates is the reference in the transgender encounter, the best known site and with the largest community of members. On the person side, to meet you won’t find anyone looking for love or for a night of fun.

    MyTranssexualDate Logo

    My Transsexual Date

    MyTranssexualDate is the reference to meet love with a transsexual, in their home no room for inappropriate remarks, we meet between adults to discover each other. Very certainly one of the best sites.

    Trans Nextdoor Logo

    Trans Nextdoor

    Trans Nextdoor is a good solution to make encounters, essentially meetings to have a good time. The undeniable advantage, a control to avoid any problem during your research and your meetings.

    Top 8 Places to Meet Transexual Women in San Francisco

    There are many trendy places where you can mingle, have fun and interact with a transsexual partner in San Francisco.


    This is one of the most respected bars for transgenders in San Francisco. You can walk in from 10 A.M. and still meet people. However, your best bet on to go in the evening when the gay bar will be filled. Many excellent food and exotic drinks are available.

    Coordinates of the place

    It is easy to get to Oasis bar; use 377,719 N, 122.4144 W.

    • Address: 298 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94,103, United States
    • Contact: +1 415-795-3180
    • Web:https://www.sfoasis.com/

    Q bar

    At Q bars, you get to see the best of transsexual services in San Francisco. They have regular DJs who play from 5 pm till daybreak. On weekends, you get up to 3 DJs entertaining their customers. Every day, lesbians, gays, shemales, and trannies come into this fun-filled bar.

    Coordinate of the place

    Getting to the location is simple, use, 377,616 N, 122.4353 W

    • Address: 456 Castro St, between 17th and 18th St., San Francisco, CA, US 94,114
    • Contact: 415-864-2877
    • Web:https://www.facebook.com/QbarSf/


    The OMG bar is a wonderful place to unwind and also look for sexual partners. There are many members of the LGBTQ community that comes to this place regular. The security at this place is very good and there haven’t been any scuffles among customers in a while.

    Coordinate of the place

    The coordinates you can use to locate this bar are 3746’54.4″N 12,224’33.7″W

    • Address: 43 6th Street, San Francisco, CA 94,103, USA
    • Contact:415-89-OMGSF, +1 415-896-6473
    • Web:https://www.facebook.com/clubomgsf/

    Hamburger Mary’s

    Are you looking for the most visited transsexual club in San Francisco? You are looking at it. This gay bar is popular all over the country and has many outlets. However, it seems its San Francisco bar remains the best. They offer good food, drinks, and music.

    Coordinates of the place

    For the easy location of this club, use 3746’16″N 12,224’54″W

    • Address: Castro St #336, San Francisco, CA 94,114, United States
    • Contact: +1 415-580-7145
    • Web:https://www.hamburgermarys.com/sanfrancisco/

    Aunt Charlie’s lounge

    Aunt Charlie’s lounge is a beautiful and private bar in San Francisco. Members include gays, lesbians, and trannies. It offers quality services at good rates. There are different compartments, so if you feel less comfy on a floor you can move up.

    Coordinates of the place

    Locating aunt Charlie’s lounge is easy using 3746’58.3″N 12,224’41.0” W

    • Address: 133 Turk St, San Francisco, CA 94,102, United States
    • Contact: +1 415-441-2922
    • Web: https://www.facebook.com/auntcharlies/


    Like the names suggest this place is a haven for Asian beauties, transvestites, ladyboys, shemales, and trannies. You get to meet people from various nationalities like Thailand, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. They serve tasty meals and hot Asian soups.

    Coordinates of the place

    It is easy finding your way to AsiaSF using 377,750 N, 122.4128 W

    • Address: 201 9th St, San Francisco, CA 94,103, United States
    • Contact: 415-767-1067
    • Web:https://asiasf.com/

    Starlight Room

    San Francisco prestigious gay bar at its best. Very wonderful facilities which take care of the large LGBTQ community. There is no discrimination, even straight people are welcomed.

    Coordinates of the Place

    The coordinates of star lightroom are 37 47’ 67,146” N, 122 24’ 290,466” W

    • Address: 450 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94,102, United States
    • Contact:415-395-8595
    • Web:http://www.starlightroomsf.com/

    El Rio

    El Rio is home to the pretty transsexuals in San Francisco. Their terms of service are easy with very reliable attendants. They have nice security personnel in case you have safety challenges. It also has state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance to make its customers happy.

    Coordinate the place

    To locate this bar is easy, use 377,468 N, 122.4194 W

    • Address: 3158 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94,110, United States
    • Contact: +14,152,823,325
    • Web: https://www.elriosf.com/

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    1. Personally, all the visits to the Bay Area has been rewarding and successful. I am a Viet Nam as well as a Korean .veteran and as long as I can be with the friends of my choice, the surrounding and atmosphere is secondary.

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